The World's Longest Zipline 🇦🇪

Dale Philip

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The longest Zipline in the world is at the top of the highest point in the UAE. No, not the Burj Khalifa in Dubai but the Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al-Khaimah.

It was a long drive from The Palm Dubai where we're staying, although 185 km and 2 and a half hours didn't seem that lengthy as it was an enjoyable drive up there. Half of it was a long straight highway - turn on the cruise control, music and relax. Then the second half was all on windy mountain roads that are freshly tarmacked, have zero traffic and there is eye candy in every direction.

They have two zipline side by side, giving you an opportunity to race against your friend. It was a Scotland vs Wales as I competed against the Welsh Casey Neistat aka Simon Wilson.

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